The genius trick of a virologist doctor to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in his refrigerator

You may not know it, but many bacteria can proliferate in your refrigerator. A virologist doctor gives some tips to avoid the phenomenon.

Bacteria tend to proliferate and there are some tips to prevent this proliferation. For example, you should never reuse a plastic water bottle, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. But also pay close attention to how you freeze your bread and carefully follow these four steps when cleaning your sponges. But also pay attention to the refrigerator. In fact, despite the cold, this does not prevent bacteria from developing and even contaminate your food.

Oceane Sorel, doctor in virology and immunology gives us the right steps to follow to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in your refrigerator. Indeed, the young woman is at the head of an Instagram account entitled thefrenchvirologistwhich brings together more than 156,000 subscribers. Océane Sorel shares many tips with its subscribers, especially on food preservation. To keep perfect hygiene in your refrigerator, his first advice is not to pile up the food, so as to allow the cold air to circulate between the different products.

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How to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in your refrigerator?

Then, Océane Sorel recommends locate the coolest area of ​​the refrigerator. Indeed, it is recommended to rank foods most at risk of food poisoning (such as preparations based on raw eggs, meat and raw fish) in this section. “This area varies depending on the type of fridge you have at home, look on the fridge instructions to find out where it is located”, advises Océane Sorel. But that’s not all. The doctor also recommends “Organize the food in the fridge by type of food: meat and fish together, vegetables together, etc. This will avoid cross-contamination”.

And finally, the virologist doctor advises to carefully remove the food overwraps, in order to avoid any contamination, but also to allow the cold air to circulate well. Also think about check that the door closes properly. To do this: Look to see if you notice any condensation on the walls of the refrigerator, which indicates that the door is not closing properly. Final tips: systematically clean when food has leaked, cover food with cling film, and especially, clean your refrigerator at least once a month.

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