The gods will fall with the first free Epic Games Store game of January

A new year is starting and we hope you all had time to nab the 3 Tomb Raiders from Square Enix before the offer ends. We now return to a regular rhythm of a free game offered on a weekly basis, and it starts with Gods Will Fall, a nice rogue-lite released early last year.

Gods Will Fall Free on Epic Games Store

When released on January 28, 2021, Gods Will Fall received a rather lukewarm reception from the public and the press.. Nice Roguelite with a cartoon look, the game does not necessarily have a ton of arguments to stand out in a saturated genre. The dungeons are well built, and the boss fights seem neat, but as we said above, we are far from the level of the tenors of the rogue. It’s free, so it’s necessarily in your prices, but you risk quickly relaunching Hades, Curse of the Dead Gods or Isaac.


It’s back to school! And in 24 hours, the free PS Plus games for December will be overwritten by 3 new titles to grab for download on PS4 and PS5. This month: Dwarven Co-op, the unlikely sequel to a cult J-RPG, and a fairly recent racing game. Oh, and happy new year everyone!

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