the government will massively test children and teachers


Traveling to Metz, Olivier Véran announced a massive screening protocol for children and teachers, facing the spread of the British variant of covid-19.

Faced with the covid-19 pandemic and the spread of the British variant in France, the Department of Health is taking new measures. On Thursday January 14, Olivier Véran announced a protocol to test up to one million children and teachers per month to detect positive cases, informs AFP.

“We have set up a protocol that aims to screen up to a million children and teachers per month, which is huge. By descending screening until the age of 6, wherever it makes sense ”, he said during a trip to Metz.

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The Minister of Health added that the variant of the virus "Seems more contagious", also in children.

At the end of December, a study conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine already confirmed that the level of contagiousness of this variant was "50% to 74%" higher. Despite this, the Scientific Council recently urged the government to keep schools open. However, they recommend toughening the rules on class closures by lowering the necessary gauge, currently set at three cases, in the event of the presence of the British variant, reports France Info. Prime Minister Jean Castex is to unveil new measures in the fight against Covid-19 on the evening of November 14.

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