“The great task of the time”: Germany and the USA conclude a new climate pact

“The Great Task of Time”
Germany and the USA sign a new climate pact

At the G7 meeting of environment and climate ministers, Germany and the USA set their goals high: together they want to be pioneers in climate protection. To this end, the countries sign a declaration of intent. A lot is planned, especially in the areas of hydrogen and offshore wind.

Germany and the USA want to play a leading role internationally in setting the framework for a successful energy transition to protect the climate. Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck and US Climate Commissioner John Kerry signed a corresponding declaration of intent on the fringes of the G7 meeting of energy, climate and environment ministers.

The focus is on the areas of hydrogen, offshore wind turbines, zero-emission vehicles and support for third countries. When it comes to climate policy, there are “a lot of overlaps” between Germany and the United States, said Habeck. The concrete implementation is about the governments creating the political framework for the economy in the energy transition. For example, when it comes to cooperation on hydrogen as a future energy source for industry, it is “extremely important” “that the markets are coordinated” and that production is carried out according to common standards, said Habeck. Ensuring this is “the great task of the time”.

“Biggest Market The World Has Ever Seen”

According to Habeck, the now formalized partnership goes back to an agreement between then Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Joe Biden in 2021. Kerry thanked Germany for the “tremendous leadership” in the area of ​​climate protection. Both countries now want to become “pioneers” in terms of renewable energies together. Kerry also referred to the economic opportunities. It’s “about the biggest market the world has ever seen,” he said. And it is clear that climate protection will become significantly more expensive if investments are made later.

Germany is also joining the United States and others as a partner government in a “pioneering alliance” for business, Kerry said. It included companies like Microsoft and Boeing, which had committed themselves to immediate climate protection.

In addition, Germany will promote a global methane commitment as part of the partnership, Kerry said. The aim is to implement the pledge already given by many countries to reduce methane emissions by 30 percent by 2030. The US climate commissioner pointed out that methane is 20 to 80 times more harmful to the climate than CO2. If the reduction is successful, it equates to a saving equivalent to “every car in the world, every truck in the world, every plane in the world.”

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