the huge update that changes everything is here, it’s colossal

You are not dreaming, we are coming to talk to you about Stardew Valley, because it has officially received some big new features from its creator. It must be admitted, it’s quite astonishing.

Stardew Valley is a simulation game first released in 2016. The name must mean something to you, because it is a reference in the indie sphere. If you are looking to relax, to discover a hassle-free adventure, you have come to the right address. As for those who have done it, they perhaps say that they have covered the experience proposed. This was probably the case before the huge update that was deployed on March 19. Get ready, because there are a lot of changes ahead.

A huge update for Stardew Valley

Let’s make things clear, we are not going to list all the new features brought by update 1.6 for Stardew Valley. The list is long, but really long. It’s better to go see it for yourself to see it, but clearly, Eric Barone (or ConcernedApe) didn’t go easy on it. For the eighth anniversary of the game, he had said that he was going to deploy a rather substantial new patch. And indeed, he didn’t lie. In addition, there are not only fixes, but real additions.

Already, Stardew Valley is welcoming new festivals and events. We are particularly told about the Desert Festival which lasts three days in spring. You can access it once the bus is repaired. If you like fishing, fear not, two new festivals are also awaiting you. In addition, our developer has added a new “Mastery” system which is obtained via a new area. There’s even a new type of farm available to you. You are surely beginning to understand the full extent of this update.

We can also mention additional dialogues for NPCs or the possibility of having several animals. Do you think we’ve done the trick? You are far from it. We note the presence of new objects, new plantations, new renovations for your house, a new quest, new secrets, in short, you get the idea, it’s colossal. We strongly invite you to take a look at the patch notes. It’s the perfect time to jump into or return to Stardew Valley. The game is transformed by all these changes, and we couldn’t ask for better.

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