The Last Case of Benedict Fox: already the end of the Xbox exclusive for the Lovecraftian metroivania

Unveiled in June 2022, The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a style adventure and platform game. metroidvania in a dark and nightmarish universe inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft. A title launched last April as an exclusive Microsoftonly on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, as well as in the Game Pass.

But the editor Rogue Games and the developer Twist stud announce today that The Last Case of Benedict Fox will be ported to PlayStation 5, in a Definitive Edition, therefore putting an end to exclusivity. This PS5 version will feature improved combat and platforming mechanics, graphics, user interface, enemy AI and puzzles, as well as new features in the gameplay. At the moment, the developers have not specified whether these improvements and additions will also be offered on Xbox and PC. Moreover, Twist stud specifies thata PS4 version is “in their plans”but he does not want to make it official right away.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Definitive Edition doesn’t have a release date on PlayStation yet anyway 5, you have to settle for a trailer of gameplay above. You can find PSN cards on Amazon, Cdiscount And there Fnac.

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