the left denounces the right’s coup in the Senate

The left-wing senators on Wednesday castigated the “coup de force” of the majority right in the Senate to accelerate the examination of the pension reform, promising that they would “let go of nothing” until the end of the debates.

They had left the hemicycle during the night to protest against the boost given by the right. The latter has drawn tools from the internal regulations of the Senate, in particular to bypass the majority of the amendments from the left during the examination of the flagship measure on the postponement to 64 years.

It was the last straw, we decided to leave the hemicycle after completely unrealistic things, denounced at a press conference the leader of the Socialist senators Patrick Kanner, deploring maneuvers and aggression. Grard Larcher, the president of the Senate, no longer mastered anything, he tackled.

It’s a political coup, insisted Senator Eliane Assassi, president of the majority communist CRCE group, accusing the right of having lost its cool and the government of showing signs of weakness. There is a proven connivance between the government and the senatorial right, she insisted.

It is a drift of the democratic debate, a coup de force, supported the senator Guillaume Gontard, the head of the environmental group, estimating that the numerous amendments tabled by the left could not be qualified as parliamentary obstruction and that the right participated the democratic fragility of this text by trying to shorten the debates.

I warn the senatorial majority, we must not start again. Let’s resume the debate as it should always have been, and we will go to the end, he added, while the resumption of the debates is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

We will continue the debate in the Senate. I want the French to know that we won’t let go, Mr. Kanner said. We will continue to fight, we want to give an extension to the mobilizations in the country, added Ms. Assassi, believing that it was necessary to continue until Sunday evening midnight the examination of the text.

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