“The lion’s den”: Christian Lohse cooks for the lions

“The Lions’ Den”
Christian Lohse cooks for the lions

“The lion’s den”: Christian Lohse and Steve Müller (r.) Present their product “DeWok” to the lions.

© RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Cooking with TV chef Christian Lohse and a generous donation for flip books: That was the season finale of “Die Höhle der Löwen”.

The 100th and at the same time final episode of the current “Die Höhle der Löwe” season begins with a special rain of confetti by the founders of “Saatgut Konfetti”. Their invention: colorful, vegan and compostable confetti that contains plant seeds. In contrast to conventional confetti, the product is sustainable and biodegradable. Katja Filippenko (34), Christoph Trimborn (31) and Philip Weyer (31) are offering investors ten percent of their company shares for 200,000 euros.

Only Ralf Dümmel (54) sees the product as a lucrative investment, all other four lions get out. After an exciting negotiation, the founder and investor finally agree on a deal.

Cooking lesson with Christian Lohse

“It’s about cooking, so I can only learn,” said Judith Williams (50), looking forward to the next product. Behind “DeWok” is the founder Steve Müller (41), who enters the lion’s den with a well-known TV personality: star chef Christian Lohse (54). “You will win,” the 54-year-old confidently addresses his friend. Müller’s invention is a raclette wok, which is ideal for Asian cuisine – and works without electricity. This is heated with its own hotplate and a safety burner. Together with Lohse, the founder is also working on an accessory made from sauces that will make Williams eyes light up right away. But will the lioness invest too? 12.5 percent of the company’s shares were offered for 100,000 euros.

After a brief consultation, she and colleague Dagmar Wöhrl (67) make the inventor a joint offer. But Ralf Dümmel would also like to get involved. In the end, Müller opts for the latter. “Congratulations. Great,” says Lohse happily and embraces his friend after the deal is over.

No investment, but a generous lion donation

Laura Mohn (26) and Maria Möller (27), the founders of “Talking Hands”, want to draw attention to the topics of inclusion and communication. “We fight to ensure that no child is excluded due to communication difficulties”, so the announcement of the two inventors. With their start-up, they have developed special flip books that are designed to help children learn sign language – “regardless of whether they are disabled or not”. Is that worth 100,000 euros to the lions? Because that’s what the duo demands and in return offers 15 percent of the company’s shares.

As an investment case, “Talking Hands” is rejected by the Lions. Nevertheless, the investors think a lot of the project and want to help the founders with a donation of 10,000 euros each.

Hand guarding – but consciously

Katrin Klein (50) dares to venture into the lion’s den with her product “Colorsafe”. She is hoping for Nils Glagau (45) as an investor for her blue soap, which should make it easier to wash your hands. The color makes it clear to the consumer which areas of the hands he has not yet cleaned. For 100,000 euros, the lions can invest in Klein’s company and in return receive ten percent of the company.

In the end, the 50-year-old is spoiled for choice between Ralf Dümmel and Georg Kofler (64) in a double pack or her favorite Nils Glagau. The latter can convince of himself and closes the deal. “We will definitely build a really, really big brand,” announced Glagau.

Two lions stir up the real estate market

Gissour Ataee (26), Lucas number (26) and Maximilian Mühlegg (26) want to stir up the real estate market with “life-size floor plan”. Their idea: an innovative planning tool that shows customers the floor plan of their new house in life size. To do this, it is projected onto the floor in a hall. With the view, customers can express additional wishes and comments and the company can avoid bad planning before construction. It is also possible to plan furniture precisely in the floor plan in advance. For 300,000 euros they offer the lions 20 percent of their company.

“Well, ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ is always really exciting. Always something new. You always think that nothing more can come about. And then something new comes up again,” enthuses the astonished Dagmar Wöhrl of the start-up. Judith Williams, who is currently building a house, also feels attracted by the product.

Ralf Dümmel gets out early. The trio has the choice between two double offers: Nils Glagau and Dagmar Wöhrl are there with 300,000 euros for 30 percent. Judith Williams and Carsten Maschmeyer (62) hold against it with 300,000 euros for 25.1 percent. In tears, the founders decide in favor of Williams and Maschmeyer.


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