the mistake we all make with pancake batter

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In order to prepare ourselves as well as possible for Candlemas which will take place this Thursday, February 2, here is a fundamental error to avoid in order to make a success of our pancakes!

This Thursday, February 2, it’s Candlemas! Be the day dedicated to pancakes for which we are allowed to eat pancakes without guilt. It must be said, the pancake is one of our favorite desserts so simple to make and so comforting. To be tasted plain, with sugar, jam or even spread… Pleasure is 100% guaranteed! For the less greedy, pancakes can also to taste salty with any kind of garnish possible. Salmon, bacon bits, cheese, cream… Again, anything is possible! And on this specific day, we are even allowed to eat pancakes as a dish, and for dessert. Suffice to say that as a result, Candlemas is greatly anticipated, in particular to be able to test all the best and most original recipes.

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Given that it’s coming in just a few days, it’s high time to revise our classics to make this day more than perfect. The pancake batter recipe, whose chef Philippe Etchebest revealed his recipe? Easy, and fast! But, even without knowing it, there is a mistake we all make. This tends to form lumps and thus making the dough much less smooth than it should be.

What’s the mistake we all make with pancake batter?

In order to make our pancake batter a sure success, here is a common mistake that we must avoid at all costs: that of pour the milk over the flour too quickly and all at once. It forms lumps. In order for the batter to be smooth, the liquid must be incorporated gently, little by little. To do this, you have to separate the dry ingredients (sugar and flour) and the liquid elements (milk, eggs). They are therefore mixed in two different bowls, by hand. After that, gently incorporate, in several times, the two preparations, mixing after each addition. Once everything has thickened, pour in the melted butter, then the rest of the eggs and milk.

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In addition to this tip, others are also to be taken into account to avoid lumps: sift flour before working on it, or opt for a fluid flour. You should also let the pancake batter rest for at least an hour, or even overnight, if possible. Otherwise, we can always strain the dough to break up lumps, or immersion blender. To your pasta? Ready? Taste!


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