The MMORPG Dual Universe is now available on PC via Steam and NVIDIA GeForce NOW

After two long years in beta, Dual Universe is finally officially available on PC. The very ambitious sandbox MMORPG from the French studio Novaquark is therefore ready to welcome players wishing to participate in this space epic by freely choosing their path. It’s time to build the foundations.

A free trial on Steam to touch the multitude of possibilities

Dual Universe is an MMO that we followed closely during its alpha and then its beta and the least we can say is that it has not spared its ambitions. The title invites you to immerse yourself in a huge solar system ofix thousand years after the destruction of the Earth by a neutron star. As settlers of this deep space, you must rebuild civilization from almost nothing.

It is quite difficult to summarize Dual Universe as it is full of possibilities, but concretely it offers you to become what you want in this new world. The MMO is hosted on a single server and it uses voxel technology allowing you to create almost anything. The career choices are countless (miner, captain, transporter, explorer, merchant…) and you will be one of the links that will forge this new society. This involves the economy, diplomacy or even military conflicts, whether on land or in space.

“From military, industrial, and economic advancement to space and planetary exploration, the breadth of gameplay in Dual Universe is unmatched”declares Nouredine AbboudCEO of Novaquark. “Players can use the most advanced voxel-based tools on the market to build absolutely anything they want, from high-tech industrial complexes to race tracks for adrenaline junkies, to colossal warships and orbiting space stations. Our passionate community has impressed us time and time again with their creations during the game’s beta. We can’t wait to see players let their imaginations run wild once again on the far reaches of Helios. »

To meet this enormous ambition, the developers chose from the start the model of a paid subscription (with different offers offered on the official website), however you can try the game for free on Steam which operates autonomously from the game’s main server. This experience is designed to provide a comprehensive insight into the game through accelerated gameplay. If ever your machine is not powerful enough to run it, know thatit is available through Cloud Gaming service, NVIDIA GeForce NOW.

Dual Universe is available on PC via Steam, GeForce NOW and the game’s official website.

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