the most fragile must be inserted “through work”, argues Dussopt

The Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, estimated Monday that the most vulnerable needed “to be integrated through work”, at the kick-off in the hemicycle of the National Assembly of the examination of the bill “ for full employment”, castigated by the left.

“We must put an end to the totem of aid against poverty which, because without compensation, would be in essence better than all the others” while it “locks a large part of those who benefit from it into misery and poverty. precariousness,” said the minister.

“Certain findings sound like alarms: 60% of beneficiaries are still registered with the RSA more than five years after their first registration, 42% after seven years and 16% of beneficiaries are even still registered almost 10 years later,” he said. -he continued.

Mr. Dussopt also addressed his first barbs to LFI: “Don’t talk about work, you don’t know”.

Regarding communities, worried about certain measures, the minister confirmed the renewal of a multi-year contract between the State and the regions for the training of job seekers. “The State is ready to invest nearly 4 billion euros between 2024 and 2027,” he said.

The “full employment” bill, adopted at first reading in the Senate, is the first text examined for this re-entry of the National Assembly.

Its emblematic objective is to reduce the unemployment rate to 5% by 2027, in particular by proposing to better coordinate the multiple actors of the public employment service, with a keystone of a Pôle Emploi renamed “France Travail”. And a network organization to facilitate the sharing of information.

The priority is to better target people furthest from employment, in particular RSA beneficiaries, to offer them “more personalized and more intensive support” towards employment.

The new “duties” planned for these recipients are at the heart of criticism from the left, which criticizes “infantilizing” measures and the most precarious stigmatization.

The Senate, with a majority on the right, had added in black and white the obligation to carry out “15 to 20 hours” per week of activities. But the deputies clarified in committee that this would only apply “if it proved to be adapted to the particular situation of the job seeker”.

The left-wing deputies are also up in arms against the new “suspension-remobilization” sanction. It would make it possible to suspend the payment of an allowance to a person who does not respect their obligations, adding a level before removal.

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