The new challenge that endangers the lives of teenagers


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Tiktok is an essential social network for more and more adults but especially for the youngest. Indeed, the average age of using this platform remains very low and the trends that are raining there can easily influence teens. Today, a new challenge has invaded the platform: the #preworkout. Scientists warn of its dangerousness.

Tiktok is a social network where trends always reign called “trend” TikTok. These trends are constantly renewing themselves, are extremely varied, and can be surprising, fun, and sadly often disturbing. We regularly observe that certain trends can become dangerous quickly, whether it is physically or morally. Recently, it was the hashtag #Thatgirl that was controversial. Created to show off girls’ healthy lifestyles, it was ultimately seen as provocative to be the exact opposite. Instead of pushing teens to be more productive and motivated, these videos often lead to complex, questioning and feelings of insecurity.

Today, it is the dangerous trend of “dry scooping” also called “dry scooping” or #preworkout that draws attention to Tik Tok and alert. The principle: film yourself by consuming food supplement powder usually consumed by athletes before their physical training to boost performance during their exercises
Millions of videos are already posted on the platform with the hashtag #Preworkout. Most of the time, young people do not even accompany their consumption of food supplement powder with water, which constitutes a second level in the dangerousness of this idiotic challenge.

A dangerous trend denounced by scientists

American researchers have recently taken an interest in this phenomenon, which has become viral. They concluded that pre-workout powders that contain mixtures of vitamins, minerals and other stimulating compounds, must only be taken diluted in water, and respecting the precise doses indicated by the manufacturer. Out in the course of their research, Ruth Lynn Milanaik, DO, pediatrician at Northwell Health in New York and her colleagues analyzed the videos of this challenge which have already accumulated more than 8 million “likes”. Out of 100 videos scrutinized, 31 featured “the dry spoon”.

And since that was not enough, most people participating in this trend mix this consumption with the intake of energy drinks and alcohol, which can prove particularly dangerous for the body … Scientists recalled that pre-workout powders also frequently contain high concentrations of caffeine mixed with products such as beta-alanine, l-citrulline and that their sale, as their consumption should be limited to people over the age of 18 years old.

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What are the risks of this trend?

Specialists warn about the risks of “respiratory distress” and of “cardiovascular distress”, especially in children who consume these powders by diverting their use. Ruth Lynn Milanaik explains that “Regardless of age, improper pre-workout consumption can lead to choking, accidental inhalation, overuse, injury and death, especially in those who are sensitive to high levels of alcohol. caffeine in these products. ”Monitoring social media content is therefore essential, scientists say, to keep young users safe.

Milanaik and his fellow researchers say they have become aware of “dry scooping” thanks to The Trend Initiative, a research program of the Cohen Children’s Medical Centertarget = “_ blank”> from New York whose work often appears in journals such as Current Opinion.

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