the new console has leaked, it will copy the PS5


Surprise ! A leak reveals that Microsoft plans to release a new Xbox Series

As part of Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard, the Redmond firm had to plead for its acquisition after a complaint from the FTC. The American competition regulator. And during the hearings, we witnessed a real public unveiling with confidential information from Xbox, but also from PlayStation and Nintendo, among others. A new and massive leak reveals a new Xbox Series X console.

Xbox Series X Brooklin leaked, images

Microsoft certainly did not foresee this, but new confidential information about its projects has spread on the Web. Among the leaked documents, we learn of the existence of a new console codenamed “Brooklin” and which could be launched as early as 2024. A much more powerful machine? No. This is a new model of Xbox Series X which will lack an optical drive, like the PS5 digital edition. And like the latter, Microsoft will not reduce the power.

The Xbox Series X without a blu-ray drive will be as powerful as the current console. On the other hand, there will be many new features both inside and outside. First of all, the design will be rounder, bringing it closer to a Sonos portable speaker, and a USB-C port will appear on the lower part of the front with the Xbox logo just above. It will be equipped with Wi-Fi 6E for “better speeds, lower latency and better interference mitigation”, and Bluetooth 5.2 for better audio quality and lower power consumption. The power supply of this Xbox Series

Unlike the current model, there will be a 2TB SSD as standard, practical to avoid buying a fairly expensive expansion card, and the price will not change. It will be offered in 2024 at a price of $499. But that’s not all, the controller will also get a makeover.

A “Sebille” controller similar to the PS5 DualSense controller

To accompany this Xbox Series X Brooklin, Microsoft has prepared a new two-tone black & white controller. The device will also have the right to Bluetooth 5.2, but also a direct connection to the cloud via Wi-Fi. This will go further since that’s it, it will do without batteries to integrate a rechargeable and interchangeable battery from the start . A way to respond to the strong demand from players at this level. Without specifying how, dismantling and repair would visibly facilitate.

This new Xbox Series X and S controller promises better quality, more durable and quieter buttons. In terms of ergonomics, there should be no upheaval. But the experience will be different with the arrival of haptic feedback, as on the PS5 DualSense controller, an accelerometer to provide a gyroscope and turn on the controller just by moving it, or even speakers. On the other hand, it will not have adaptive triggers like on PlayStation 5.

Sebile Xbox Series controller leak

The accessory will also be compatible with the Xbox Series S which will receive a new version, but whose changes will be much less visible than those of the Xbox Series is fine).


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