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The returns for the year 2023 for life insurance contracts have fallen. Banks surprise (and that’s positive), savings associations disappoint and mutual societies remain at the top of the ranking. Find here the life insurance contracts which offered the best rate last year.

Insurers, banks, web brokers and even fintechs have announced in recent weeks the rate of return on their funds in euros for the year 2023. And the performances are surprising. While savers associations like Gaipare and Afer find themselves at the bottom of the ranking, banks offer among the best rates for this year 2023. Here is the list of the best life insurance contracts.

Life insurance returns: the good and the bad performers of 2023 rates

1- Mutualist France

And first place on the podium goes to La France Mutualiste with a rate served in 2023, at 3.70% net of management fees. Once social security contributions of 17.2% are deducted, this rate increases to 3.10%. A yield higher than all other market players but also that of Livret A which reaches 2.92% on average over the year 2023. This rate concerns all its life insurance contracts including Actévolution 2. France Mutualiste also has specified that the distribution of 3.70% was made without drawing on its reserves.

“This year again, we are reaffirming our desire to support the savings of our members by offering them very competitive rates of return on all of our savings contracts,” commented Dominique Burlett, president of La France Mutualiste in a press release. . Our priority as a mutualist player is to act in the interest of our members, as was the case last September by becoming the first player to offer 0% on all payments. »

2- Madder

While in 2022, the mutual had climbed to the top of the ranking of the best rates served, this year it reached second place on the podium and this, still without drawing on its reserves. Its rate of 3.50% net of management fees rises to almost 2.9% once social security contributions are deducted. A return which places Garance not only among the best life insurance contracts for this year 2023 but which also allows it to reach the same average remuneration as Livret A (2.92%). Note that since March 2023, management fees have increased from 0.5% to 0.6% and fees on payments have decreased to a maximum of 1%.

“Our group wants to support as many people as possible in their savings project. Payments, fees or management should not be a barrier to this,” underlined Virginie Hauswald, general manager of Garance in a press release.

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3- The Carac

The savings mutual provided for its flagship contracts (Carac Epargne Patrimoine, Carac Epargne Génération, Carac Epargne Protection, Carac Epargne Solidaire, Carac Profiléo) a return of 3.30% (compared to 2.50% in 2022) under the year 2023. A performance which places the mutual on the last step of the podium.

“Our financial strength and very good long-term asset management allow us to once again offer a rate among the best on the market, without drawing on our reserves. Carac goes further by proposing a 2024 rate enhanced by 1% for all payments into the fund in euros made in 2024 on savings contracts open for subscription,” explained Michel Andignac, general director of Carac in a communicated.

4- Web brokers thanks to Spirica’s New Generation fund

Fourth place is shared here by a certain number of life insurance contracts which have the particularity of giving access to Spirica’s New Generation euro fund. This fund displays a performance of 3.13% for 2023 and therefore allows the MeilleurTaux Liberté Vie, Netlife 2, Epargne Evolution 2 and Linxea Spirit 2 contracts to position themselves in this ranking.

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5- BoursoBank and MACSF

The online bank and the mutual insurer MACSF both served a 2023 return at 3.10% net of management fees for their flagship Bourso Vie and RES Multisupport contracts. The Bourso Vie rate can also be increased, subject to holding at least 50% of UA up to 3.60%.

“Since the change in the interest rate context, this performance has once again been achieved for all capital-guaranteed savings products, a cornerstone of the creation of effective and diversified savings for all in terms of horizon. investment and risks. BoursoBank will continue to offer in 2024 on this range of products popular with customers the best possible returns, particularly through attractive early-year offers to be taken up now,” declared Boursorama CEO Benoit Grisoni in a statement. communicated.

Generali’s Netissima euro fund, accessible in particular within the Altaprofits Vie, Meilleurtaux Allocation Vie or Linxea Vie contracts, also posted a return of 3.10% for the past year.

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All fund performances in euros are net of management fees, but before withdrawal of social security contributions of 17.20%.

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