the novelties of the month of december that our children will love!


Find out what's new for kids and teens coming to Netflix in December.

The month of December has arrived at full speed. But who says December, also says winter and therefore hot chocolates, plaids and films under the covers. Luckily, Netflix recently unveiled its list of new releases for the twelfth month of the year. While there are many programs for adults, children and adolescents are not left out. We have made the selection of the new films and series (or seasons) which land on the platform for the youngest. What to occupy them if they have finished the entire Netflix catalog during the lockdown.

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"Lolita despite me": December 1st
From 12 years old.
After spending her childhood in Africa, Cady goes to a high school in Illinois and discovers a world she did not know… the world of girls, or rather "lolitas" where every day is a struggle to be the most popular.

"The Claus Family": December 7
All public.
When his grandfather falls ill, the holiday-hating Jules discovers that his family descends from a magical lineage, and that the future of Christmas rests with him.

"Star Trek: Without Limits": December 17th
From 12 years old.
An ever more epic adventure for the USS Enterprise and her daring crew. The team explores the unexplored ends of space, facing each, like the entire Federation, a new threat.

"S.O.S Fantômes": December 31
From the age of 8.
Peter, Raymond and Egon are researching parapsychology. Fired by the Dean of the faculty, they decide to found a company intended to hunt ghosts. Its name: S.O.S. Ghosts. Success is knocking so well on their door that they are soon working on the assembly line.

"E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial": December 31
From the age of 8.
When an alien's ship named E.T lands on earth, he discovers human civilization. Tracked down by the military, he takes refuge in a suburban house, where he meets Elliot, a young boy who will protect him.

The series

"Rick & Morty" (season 4 – part B): December 1
From 16 years old.
Rick, a brilliant but bottle-minded researcher, takes his timid grandson Morty to other worlds and dimensions where he takes him on crazy escapades.

“Big Mouth” (season 4): December 4
From 16 years old.
From a certain age, every teenager experiences puberty. For a group of boys and girls, some things change in their life and have to deal with this situation.

“Marvel Anime Wolverine” and “Marvel Anime: X-Men” (season 1): December 16
From 10 years old.
Marvel Anime is a 4-season, 12-episode Japanese animated series based on the universe of Iron Man, Wolverine, the X-Men and Blade

"The New Adventures of Sabrina" (final part): December 31
From 16 years old.
Sabrina Spellman struggles with her dual wizarding and mortal nature as she opposes the forces of evil that threaten her, her family, and the human world.

Sources: Netflix / Allociné