the photo series that combats the pressure of the perfect body after baby

We know that becoming a mother is far from easy. First of all psychologically but also physically. The body changes and not as we would like. You have to learn again to live in this body that you don't necessarily recognize.

To help women, an American photographer has decided to make a series of photographs called the "Honest Body Project" through which she sublimates the bodies of these mothers, proud of their silhouette and eager to show their beauty. example to their own daughters. "These portraits show their joy, their beauty, their imperfections and the love they have for their child" she tells the Huffington Post, adding "These mother-daughter couples portray the beauty of motherhood."

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Natalie McCain wanted to start this project a year ago when one of her friends fell into depression after her pregnancy. She was in terrible pain at the image her body reflected. "It opened my eyes to a social phenomenon that increasingly affects young girls" says Natalie, recalling the dangerous effects generated by social networks. But McCain believes mothers have an important role to play in this fight against pressure on women."You have to learn to love your body when it changes, discuss it with your daughters to show them what real women's bodies look like".

A philosophy that the artist tries to apply to his own case. "My son thinks my soft little tummy is the most comfortable pillow there is" she laughs. A nice initiative, which can also be found on Natalie McCain's website and on her facebook page!

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