The search is still ongoing – cleaning workers cleared out the safe in the school

These four cleaners from a Viennese company had interpreted their task of “cleaning” a little more creatively at a school in Hermagor…

Between Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, the four Romanian citizens worked as cleaners at a school for a Viennese company in the Hermagor district. “The three males aged 25, 29 and 33 and their 33-year-old companion illegally obtained a key,” reports the police. “They used this to open a safe and stole several hundred euros in cash from it.” Police investigations revealed that the four crooks had probably been traveling in the company vehicle. However, a search was initially unsuccessful. “The 25-year-old was then able to be stopped in the urban area of ​​Villach. The four must have spent the last few weeks in an apartment there,” said the police. The 25-year-old Romanian was questioned by the police – the search for his accomplices and the vehicle continued to be negative.
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