the series comes to this popular free game, don’t hang around!

We’re in the midst of a Fallout craze, and to top it all off, a highly rated game offers content related to the series. A huge boost for Bethesda. It’s pretty incredible when you think about it.

The mobile game Fallout Shelter, developed by Bethesda, welcomes new content directly inspired by the Fallout television series broadcast on Prime Video. This update, available on iOS and Android, introduces a series of elements drawn from the universe of the series, thus strengthening the link between the two entertainment platforms. Quite a program, which is a pleasure to see.

Fallout offers content

With this update, Fallout Shelter players will discover six new characters from the series, including Lucy and The Ghoul. They will also be able to embark on a new series of missions with a total of eight new quests and explore new locations added to the game. The additions don’t stop there: new themes, weapons and outfits, including a cowboy costume pre-war, The Ghoul’s revolver and a wedding dress enrich the gaming experience. This content integration is also an opportunity for Bethesda to thank the players: those who will play Fallout Shelter between today and on May 7 will receive a free Vault 33 jumpsuit.

This update, and the series, had a significant impact on the popularity of the game. Since the television series aired, Fallout Shelter has seen its daily revenue increase by 232%, from approximately $20,000 per day to $80 000 dollars. Indeed, the game which began as a mobile exclusive in 2015, before being ported to consoles in 2018, continues to captivate a wide audience with constant updates and gameplay that encourages players to build and manage their own shelter. But also, to spend… A godsend for Bethesda.

It should be noted that the future could hold even more content inspired by the TV series, given that Prime Video is already planning a season 2 of the Fallout series, although details have yet to be confirmed.

Fallout Shelter remains available on all platforms and continues to establish itself as a pillar of the Fallout franchise, with millions of downloads and an ever-expanding community of players.

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