The Sims’ big rival disappoints players

The Sims is good but Life by You promises to be a strong competitor. Alas we have just learned bad news for the highly anticipated game.

Life By You will disappoint. Indeed, bad news when a serious simulation game competitor The Sims arrives on the market it finds itself delayed by several months for the greatest misfortune of the players. What are the reasons for such a postponement? Here’s what we can learn about it. It is the Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive who speaks directly on disappointing information.

A delay in perspective for Life By You

So Paradox Interactive has made the decision to postpone the early access release of its highly anticipated life simulation game. Life by You for the date of March 5, 2024. This additional time should allow the development studio, Paradox Tectonic, to improve the visuals of the game as well as the user interface. More than that, these famous improvements will not only affect the general style of the game but will also create a better experience for players and refine the modding tools. Because yes, like any good self-respecting video game from Paradox, the title should offer a lot of tools to completely transform the game. Obviously, the studio wants to put the community and their feedback at the heart of the launch of early access.

What’s a game?

The game presents itself as a human life simulator, meaning a Sims-Like with all that that implies. Life By You should offer a vast open world without any loading time with as many cities as countryside to explore but also many quests to unlock new experiences. For the immersion to be total, Paradox even promises us to be able to control our humans in the third person to live the experience completely differently. Presumably, each situation generates unique and authentic discussions and it would even be possible to compose your own conversations in the game. How and to what extent remains to be seen. At this level you can forget the incomprehensible (but no less iconic) language of sims since the entire game will feature real-language conversations. We can already imagine a host of possibilities with the possible support (via mod) of OpenAI. In any case, it will be a nice change from its main rival in terms of immersion. Still, everything has to be coherent and… intelligent.

Of your side, that thinkAre you playing the simulation game Life By You? Is this a title that might interest you?

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