The SPA propels cat avatars to adopt in the Stray video game

The SPA innovates in terms of digital awareness of animal abuse. The association offers the avatars of five (real) cats to adopt in straythe video game with a feline protagonist.

The Humane Society (SPA) is known for its communication moves aimed at raising awareness of the animal cause. After commercials and poignant posters, the association is tackling a new medium: video games. Released at the end of last July, stray allows players to slip into the skin of a cat and go on an adventure on all fours. A godsend for the first animal association in France, which hopes to surf on the popularity of the game with its “Adopt a mod” operation.

Personalization story

In the original version of stray, it is not possible to change the appearance of the cat since it is a protagonist in its own right. However, nothing is impossible on the Internet. It is thanks to a system of mods, these modification files allowing to customize aspects of a video game, that the SPA offers everyone to take the features of five different tomcats. But not just any since Caline, Doc, Zoya, Pastelle and P’tite Shrimp are five cats available for adoption in the association’s shelters.

And if the initiative is clearly aimed at a rather young and connected audience, the SPA does not forget those who have a little more trouble with technology. Each mod available on the site is accompanied by an installation manual. Of course, you have to own the game on PC. So no more excuses for not embodying one of these five furballs looking for affection.

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