the state fills its coffers thanks to undeclared work

In 2023, adjustments for undeclared work will exceed one billion euros. A historic record for the state, which does not intend to stop there in the coming years.

1.177 billion in revenue for the state in 2023, compared to 788 million euros in 2022: the fight against undeclared work has borne fruit, announced Prime Minister Gabriel Attal during a trip to the Vosges. This is a historic record, this is 50% more than the previous year. This is twice as much as in 2017 and it is the first time that our country has crossed the billion euro mark in adjustments, he congratulated himself. In ten years, Urssaf adjustments quadrupled, going from 290.7 million euros in 2013 to nearly 1.2 billion last year.

A performance which can be explained by the strengthening of data-mining (data mining) thanks to better targeting of controls. Thanks to artificial intelligence, which relies on computer programs, anomalies are more easily highlighted. This record established in 2023 was made possible in particular by the detection of false subcontracting, which hides employees behind the appearance of independent work.

5 billion euros hoped for by 2027

But this billion euros in revenue is also the result of human work, the dedicated workforce having increased in recent times. Currently, 330 agents are already assigned to this mission. With a larger number of teams, we better identify fraud, which translates into tangible results, assured the Prime Minister. And this increase in numbers is not yet over. According to the plan to combat social fraud, 240 additional positions will be created to strengthen the fight against undeclared work over the next three years.

And the state does not intend to stop there. By 2027, 5 billion euros in adjustments are expected, explains The things. This represents an increase of 1.5 billion euros compared to the 2018-2022 period.

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