The Stock Exchange Day: US economic hopes put the dollar down, the euro gains

Of the DXY dollar index loses another 0.3 percent on Wednesday to its lowest level in a month. At the same time the Euro at 1.1871 US dollars to a one-month high, the common currency is currently increasing 0.2 percent to 1.1850 dollars. In retail, market participants point to increased hopes that a US economic stimulus package will come about before the US elections. As a result, the greenback is becoming less popular as a supposedly safe currency haven in uncertain times. In addition, an economic stimulus package is likely to push up US debt further, which will also have a negative impact on dollar exchange rates.

According to ING analysts, the chances of a non-partisan agreement "are still rather slim." But the fact that the odds are increasing should result in the dollar being "gently given across the board." The analysts point to reports that talks in the US intensified, although little progress appears to be made to get Republican senators on board. However, investor expectations are low and the impact on the market would be limited if talks were broken off, it said.