The Universe should not exist

And also: fishing for polymetallic nodules in the Pacific; clean electricity at will; Quebecers and their French ancestors…

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The Universe should not exist

SAccording to the universal law of parity symmetry, the Universe should not exist. Indeed, matter and antimatter produced in the same quantity during the big bang (drawing) should have self-destructed, leaving nothing but emptiness behind. But our Universe made of matter does indeed exist! For decades, physicists have been trying to figure out this enigma. For the first time, a team from the University of Florida has proved by calculation that there really was a violation of symmetry during the big bang in favor of matter. In order to achieve this, he had to study more than a million galaxies.(Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society)

Subject to preserving the seabed?

Between Hawaii and Mexico lies an area the size of India rich in polymetallic nodules (photo). A Canadian start-up has started collecting a few tons of nodules for experimental purposes. This area being one of the last wild and unknown underwater spaces, this provoked an outcry from environmental organizations. A recent inventory of local species found by some oceanographic expeditions lists 5,578 species, 90% of which are new to science. Will this announcement be enough to disarm attempts to exploit the seabed? Case to follow. (Current Biology)

Long live French Quebec!

The majority of the 6.5 million French-speaking Quebecers descend from 8,500 settlers who migrated in the 17e and XVIIIe centuries (above a watercolor by Henri Gaston Darien). This is revealed by a genetic study crossed with an examination of the civil registers kept by the Church. In addition, barely 1% of French Canadians have Indian ancestors. The main French provinces that contributed to the settlement of Quebec are Aunis, Poitou, Normandy, Perche and Île-de-France. (Science)

Clean electricity in shambles

This is the tour de force achieved by American engineers from Amherst College, who collected it from the humidity of the air alone. Their process uses static electricity which causes lightning. Except that he reproduces it on a very small scale. This supermethod is the doorway to clean, inexpensive electricity available everywhere on Earth. (Advanced Materials)

The secret of diarrhea pierced in the septic tank

2,800 years ago, when the Assyrians controlled the state of Judah, the Jews often had the “current”. Research, carried out by the universities of Cambridge and Tel Aviv, has identified, in the fossil excrement of two cesspools from this period, the parasite Giardia lamblia cause of dysentery. (Parasitology)

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