The Voice – Odem tries his luck again after his failure in 2017: “At the time, I was a pretentious little idiot”


Seven years after appearing at the blind auditions of The Voice, Odem tried his luck again this Saturday evening. A risky bet for the singer who had digested his failure very badly, but who turned out to be a winner. Zazie, Mika, Bigflo and Oli, and Vianney did not let it pass this time. Finally rewarded for his talent and his work, Odem intends to fight to go as far as possible in the adventure. Interview.

How do you feel after these auditions?

I’m on a little cloud. The ground is not yet palpable. I didn’t expect the coaches to turn around so quickly.

What memory do you have of your performance?

I was completely elsewhere! I felt a mixture of adrenaline and stress. There is a lot of pressure The Voice but I think it galvanized me.

You had already presented yourself to the blind auditions of The Voice in 2017 but no one turned around. How does it feel to come back?

It’s very scary! I told myself it would be a shame if no one turned around again.

Were you prepared for this eventuality?

No… But I wasn’t prepared for them to turn around either. I stopped asking myself questions from the moment I arrived at the studios of The Voice The morning. I was just focused on my song. I repeated the first two sentences at least forty times before going on stage.

Why did you decide to try your luck again?

It wasn’t obvious at all! The opportunity presented itself to me. The production people called me to check on me. They wanted to see where I was and they asked me to come for the castings. At first, I was quite doubtful. I didn’t know if I really wanted to do it. I doubted a lot. In the end, I gave it a go!

What happened between your first audition and this call from production, seven years later?

I had a big slump. I had a very bad experience of not being taken in 2017. It was a real defeat for me and I couldn’t accept it. At the time, I was a pretentious little jerk. It took me a while to start singing again. It came back little by little. In the evening, I worked in a bar, I turned on the music loudly and I sang, I danced, I put on a show! My boss, who was very nice, offered me some gigs. I made a bunch and it was fantastic! I realized that I shouldn’t give up.

In retrospect, do you understand why the coaches were not there in 2017?

It took me a while to understand because I didn’t sing badly. But, after having come all this way and after comparing my performance at the time with that of today, I see that it lacked experience and determination. It was quite fragile.

This year, everyone turned around and you chose to leave the Vianney team. Why him ?

Before the auditions, I told myself that I would leave with the coach who would turn around. That was complicated (Laughs)! I went there on instinct, without thinking too much. If I had listened to my child’s heart, I would have gone with Mika because I danced to all his songs.

How does the coaching work with Vianney?

Alright ! I love its simplicity and musical intelligence. He is incredibly kind. I hope it will help me go as far as possible!

What do you expect from the adventure The Voice ?

I want her to help me get into music. For three years, I’ve been trying things, I’ve been composing songs. And it’s essential to participate in this show with a specific project in mind. In 2017, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. It was a blessing in disguise that I wasn’t selected. Today I am finally ready!

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