“The Voice of Germany”: Peter Maffay is amazed at the eloquent coach colleagues

Peter Maffay is the new “The Voice of Germany” coach. Now he and his colleagues have revealed whether they harmonized in the blind auditions.

The twelfth season of the music show “The Voice of Germany” can be seen from August 18 on Thursdays on ProSieben and on Fridays on Sat.1 and on Joyn (each at 8:15 p.m.). In addition to the well-known coaches Stefanie Kloß (37), Rea Garvey (49) and Mark Forster (39), musician Peter Maffay (72) is also part of the party for the first time. It starts as usual with the blind auditions, in which the coaches buzz for the talents and put their team together. These shows have already been recorded, so the coaches were able to get to know each other. In individual interviews with the station network, they have now taken stock – and this indicates a lot of harmony between the long-established and the new coach Maffay.

Peter Maffay: “My impressions are absolutely positive”

“My impressions are absolutely positive,” enthuses Maffay about the blinds. “Both in terms of the artists who performed and the coaches and the way they interact with each other,” he adds. It is not easy to create and maintain such a positive atmosphere. “So far I’ve really enjoyed being the coach,” he concludes.

“The Voice of Germany” also lured the veteran out of his comfort zone. “I’ve been quite spontaneous a few times, without wanting to let it go that far, because it just grabbed me. There were some talents that I really wanted to have on my team,” he says. Spontaneity and improvisation among the coaches are part of all the discipline with which the performances take place. “My two colleagues, Mark and Rea, are really masters at it, and they keep pushing each other. It’s good entertainment,” says Peter Maffay. His three co-coaches are “special class, no question about it,” he summarizes.

Mark Forster: “Peter Maffay has made our interactions more respectful, calmer and smarter”

Conversely, Mark Forster is impressed by the serenity that “music hero” Peter Maffay has within himself: “You can learn a lot from Peter, for example his great calm and sovereignty with which he judges talents. He generally has such a relaxed look the whole circus here, that impresses me.”

But the new coach has also changed the way we work together. “With Peter Maffay as coach, the interaction between the coaches has become a whole lot more respectful, a bit calmer and smarter,” said Forster. “It’s really a team of coaches that I’ve rarely seen here,” he says, and even more: “I think it’s an interesting season: you learn more about the talents and the coaches. As a spectator, I would like a season find them best,” enthuses Forster.

Stefanie Kloß: “With Peter Maffay, ‘TVOG’ has gained in depth”

Stefanie Kloß also confirms the change caused by the old star in the coaching team. “Through Peter Maffay, ‘The Voice of Germany’ has gained depth this year,” says the Silbermond frontwoman. “When he says something, it’s always on point, and to the point. He finds the right words, always has the right tone.”

With all the kind words, do the spectators perhaps even have to adjust to too much harmony between the coaches? Kloß reveals: “Mark and Rea don’t really care if Peter is calm or profound. They do their own thing. The two sit on the outer chairs and their wars of words are fought over the heads of Peter and me.” In the end, however, it was simply “all-round harmonious”. So yes.

Rea Garvey: “Stefanie, Peter and Mark are not competitors”

Unlike the other three coaches, Rea Garvey did not grow up in Ireland with Peter Maffay’s “Tabaluga” (since 1983) and is amazed at the heroic status that the inventor of the musical fairy tale has held in Germany for generations: “As a musician, Peter has actually achieved everything that you can reach. What struck me about the blind auditions, actually, everyone came on this stage and said, ‘Hey Peter, I grew up with you. I grew up with your music and with you.'”

Which coach will probably be his toughest competitor in the competition for victory, Garvey says: “Stefanie, Peter and Mark are not competitors, but musicians. We all want the best to win and my ambition towards the other coaches is a healthy way of ambition for this competition.” He also attests Mark Forster a similar one. This one has never won and is hungry. “He’s a gifted musician, producer, songwriter, and yet he’s never held this trophy in his hand: It’s itchy,” believes the Irishman.

Peter Maffay is the underdog for him because he’s here for the first time. “As a result, he has the underdog advantages, but above all an incredible amount of experience, a lot of wisdom, a lot of convincing arguments,” said Garvey. But he really gets into raptures with Stefanie Kloß. “She carries the emotions, she is the heart of this show and develops an incredible amount with her talents.”


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