Theft of copper cables prevents NRJ from broadcasting and deprives 400 Orange customers of Internet connection

Alexandre Boero

Clubic news manager

March 20, 2024 at 7:46 p.m.


Cross section of copper cables © Yasni / Shutterstock

Cross section of copper cables © Yasni / Shutterstock

In Orne, a theft of copper cable disrupts the broadcast of a local NRJ radio station and also impacts Orange residents, services and customers. Hundreds of them are deprived of the Internet.

NRJ radio in Flers and La Ferté-Macé, in the Orne department, is currently idling. And it’s not because her listeners have decided to ignore her or that the quality of the titles offered has deteriorated, but because she is the victim of a line cut at Orange. The historic operator has had to suffer a new cable theft in recent days, which is disrupting local radio but also several hundred subscribers, individuals and businesses.

An Internet outage that disrupts NRJ but also local residents and traders

Since Monday afternoon, the NRJ radio waves have remained silent in Flers, leaving the station’s local boss, Pascal Lecerf, destitute and fatalistic. As reported by our colleagues from The fighting Ornefor us, it’s total white. Before, we operated over the air. But for 7 or 8 years, we have been operating in SDSL with Orange. And since Orange is down…”

The incident is due to cable theft in the city center, which not only disrupts radio broadcasts, but also internet services and bank card transactions of local merchants or doctors. “ This situation impacts around 400 Orange customers in Flers », Adds the radio on its Facebook page.

Screenshot of the NRJ Flers Facebook page © Facebook

Screenshot of the NRJ Flers Facebook page © Facebook

A cable repair that takes time

On site, everyone is waiting for a quick repair, but residents and users will have to be patient, since the technicians’ intervention is only scheduled for Monday March 25. Moreover, it is not Orange which will repair the damage, but a subcontractor of the latter. According to the radio boss, the operator promised a repair in less than 4 hours. “ We are far from it “, he laments.

According to the historic operator, some 150 meters of copper cables must be changed, even though the end of the technology is scheduled for the year 2030 and is even already underway, as we already mentioned on Clubic a few weeks ago.

Customers and users who are connected to optical fiber obviously do not have this problem. Enough to justify, legitimize a little more the switch from copper technology to fiber technology.

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