Their baby’s big, beautiful blue eyes were actually hiding a terrible diagnosis from their doctor

The parents of little Aretria Bice, aged 11 months, received a plethora of compliments on the little girl’s beautiful blue eyes, which in reality hid a terrible illness. Explanations.

Who has never marveled at a baby’s beautiful blue eyes? But be careful, if they are too large, it could be a sign of an illness. This is the story that happened to the little girl Aretria Bice. Born October 20, 2022, his family was immediately ecstatic over his big blue eyes. Louise and Connor, her parents, even nicknamed her cartoon bug, referring to the cartoon. This means that they were aware that the size of the little girl’s eyes was out of the ordinary.

However, they are not suspicious. Until the day when the mother noticed with horror the appearance of a small white spot in her right eye. Panicked, she decided to immediately take her little one to emergencies. Once they arrive at the Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham, the young parents learn some very bad news. Indeed, Aretria is affected by a bilateral congenital glaucoma. It is a genetic anomaly that exerts strong pressure on the optic nerve.

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The little girl is almost blind in one eye

And according to doctors, little Aretria’s optic nerve was under pressure since his birth. “Specialists had to give him horrible exams and I learned that his sight had dimmed in both his eyes. (…) Doctors say that his optic nerve was under pressure since birth because its fluid drainage system has not formed properly during pregnancy”explains the mother.

As a result, the little girl had to be operated twice. And despite the operations, she lost 95% of his vision in his right eye. A very difficult situation for the parents, who blame themselves for not having understood sooner that the disproportionate size of his eyes actually hid a serious illness. “If someone had told me his big eyes were weird rather than cute, maybe we would have looked into it. None of us knew it could be a bad sign.” laments his mother. The parents therefore chose to share their bad experience in order to prevent it from being repeated.

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