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Many goat cheeses, sold everywhere in France, are the subject of a recall of mass products. It is strongly advised not to consume them.

Several brands are pointed out. In the list of product recalls, new everyday products have just been added. Indeed, after the last product recall to date, claimed on a product sold at LIDL, it is now several goat cheeses. In a detailed appeal by the government site Drink reminder, 14 sticks of goat cheese are recalled.

  • President : Fondant log of goat cheese, Sainte Maure and Log of goat cheese with the following barcode numbers: 3228023180036, 3228023080015 and 3280021190150, 3228021170053
  • Monoprix : Sainte-Maure whose barcode number are as follows: 3248654718668 and 3350033641358
  • La Chevrie : Goat log – whose number is the following 3228020370058
  • Leader Price : Sainte-Maure – with the following barcode number, 3263859371319
  • Franprix : Sainte-Maure with the following barcode 3263856411612
  • Casino : Sainte-Maure goat log whose numbers are as follows: 3222471018507, 3222476432469, 3263856411612, 3263859371319 and 3248654718668, 3350033641358
  • Silver Oak at LIDL: Log of goat cheese – barcode number 4056489554806
  • Pasture : Goat log with the number 3250392551407
  • The crusaders at Leclerc: Goat log with the following numbers: 3564700606865 and 3564700562406
  • Amy Bique : Goat log whose barcode numbers are as follows 3228024100118 and 3228022985038
  • Bellay : Goat Log and Goat Log with the following barcode 3228021920146
  • Crossroads : Goat log with the following numbers 3560071093716 and 3184830061350
  • Super U : Sainte-Maure whose barcode numbers are: 3256224310525, 3256224310525, 3256224310525 and 3256224310525, 3256224310525
  • Goatfin : Sainte-Maure goat log whose number is the following 0000026059679

Logs of goat cheese contaminated with foreign bodies

All these goat sticks were recalled this Friday, September 9, 2022, following the presence of inert and foreign bodies. This is why the government site calls on consumers not to eat them at the risk of injury, after the involuntary ingestion of metal, glass, plastic or textile.

For more information on the procedure for reimbursement or the number dedicated to each brand of goat cheese, you can refer to the product recall sheets on the site. Here is an example.

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