These 3 signs are the funniest in the zodiac!

Some people simply have a knack for relaxing the atmosphere with their unmatched humor. Everyone agrees to consider them the funniest around, because with them you never get bored! You will see that 3 astrological signs in particular meet these criteria. Here are which …

There are people who always have a laugh, no matter what. They love to joke and their jokes constantly cheer you up. Chatting with them always guarantees a good bit of fun. They just don't know how to stay stoic. Laughter is their best medicine. Remedy they love to share with those around them. These 3 zodiac signs are endowed with this wonderful quality of their sense of humor.

1 / Sagittarius (November 22 – December 20)

Sagittarians love to make those around them laugh. With their charm and wit, they can easily entertain a whole group of people without any effort. During their many travels (which is what they adore!) They usually have unimaginable adventures and above all prefer to recount their unusual experiences in such a special and humorous way.

In addition, Sagittarians, true polyglots, have this exceptional ability to make people laugh in a wide variety of languages. They know it very well: a well-placed little joke can solve any situation. These zodiac comedians are thus capable of subtle humor and sometimes throw the appropriate joke to lighten the mood.

Their verve makes them popular with those close to them. Anyone who has a Sagittarius in their circle, family or circle of friends may consider themselves lucky, because time spent in their company is always enjoyable.

2 / Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libras are very good at making others laugh. It is even said that they always have a smile on their face. Their laughter happens to be incredibly infectious and you never take long to get completely hilarious when a Libra is around.

Plus, Libras never mind passing themselves off as the duty clown whose life feels like a permanent gag. And they always have the funniest, most sensational stories that you love to tell. When a Libra talks about her last date, in which her pants got ripped, her way of telling the story may make you cry with laughter.

Irony turns out to be a specialty of Libra, which excels at throwing a few sarcastic words in any conservation. And all without offending anyone. We can say that they are not lacking in spirit!

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3 / Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini are true stand-up artists who always make the gallery laugh. In addition to being extremely articulate, they always have the right word, no matter the situation. Very optimistic by nature, they enjoy making new friendships. They usually achieve this with their keen sense of humor and unique charm. You can never stay in a bad mood for a long time with a Gemini.

Gemini are also distinguished by their ability to adapt well to others (which some see as hypocrisy, but which isn't!), Including when it comes to humor. Whoever is the person in front of him, the Gemini knows exactly how to put a smile on his face. “It's not my sense of humor. "Is therefore a phrase that does not exist in Gemini.

Their positive and hilarious nature infects everyone, even the saddest people. They always know how to boost the morale of the troops, because behind this burlesque facade hides a great sensitivity.

Is your astrological sign not on the list?

Wasn't your zodiac sign among the three mentioned? It does not matter. Not everyone needs a strong sense of humor. You probably already have a comic in service in your circle of friends. The most important thing is that you are receptive to this humor and this communicative good humor. On top of that, laughter is known to bring you many benefits in addition to making your days easier.

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