These 5 coins are the top performers in 2023

The crypto market is, at least according to widespread observer opinion, in a bear market. The Bitcoin price is barely able to climb above the $30,000 mark in the long term and investor sentiment doesn’t seem particularly rosy either. And yet we have been able to make huge profits since the beginning of the year alone. Almost half of the top 100 coins have been in the black since the beginning of the year. And some of them even triple the percentage. You can find out here which are the 5 most successful performers in 2023 at the time of going to press.

5th place: Bitget Token (BGB)

This is surprising: fifth place among the most successful cryptocurrencies this year goes to a stock exchange token. With a performance of 149.14 percent since January 1st, cryptocurrency hodlers have been able to significantly increase their stakes. We are dealing here with a classic stock exchange token that can be used to pay for fees (including discounts), but also for staking.

Apparently the coin benefited primarily from the uncertainties surrounding the Binance stock exchange battleship. The BGB token, which has only been on the market since last year, even celebrated its all-time high of $0.515 on February 16, 2023.

4th place: Maker (MKR)

In fourth place we find an old friend: the MKR token. As an integral part of the Maker DAO project, which is responsible, among other things, for the stablecoin DAI, the token achieved a performance of 155 percent this year. The price of the decentralized ERC-20 open source credit protocol was able to break through important price levels in July and hold its own against the majority of the market.

The Maker Protocol is one of the best-known and oldest credit protocols in the area of ​​decentralized finance. With 4.7 billion US dollars in lured funds (excluding Lido), it is one of the largest lending platforms ever.

3rd place: Render Token (RNDR)

In third place among the most successful coins this year is Rendercoin (RNDR). The project is designed to create a decentralized marketplace for GPU power. Anyone who needs computing power – especially for rendering audio and video files – can turn to the network. On the other hand, anyone who provides computing power will be rewarded with RNDR tokens. This concept apparently convinced investors.

The news that Apple is thinking about integrating the rendering system into its new VR glasses also caused a lot of delay. The bullish coin celebrated a 2023 dream performance of 295.62 percent. In other words, anyone who put money into RNDR at the beginning of the year has almost tripled their investment as of today.

2nd place: Conflux (CFX)

Conflux (CFX) made it to second place. The price of the hybrid Proof of Stake and Proof of Work platform has increased by 455 percent since the beginning of the year. Already in May, a constant increase in new DeFi projects in the Conflux ecosystem caused strong price increases.

The project from China is particularly impressive due to its good scalability. Due to its hybrid orientation, the project deviates from the longest chain rule and can process significantly more blocks than other networks. A point that apparently also convinced investors.

1st place: Injective (INJ)

With a dream performance of 460 percent plus since the beginning of the year, the INJ token has reached number one among our top performers. Here too we are dealing with a DeFi project. The Layer 1 network became an outperformer at the beginning of this year and was able to benefit from the generally good mood in the DeFi sector.

The project focuses on providing dApps and supports developers with plug-and-play Web3 modules. Apparently the concept seems to be working. On April 18, the DeFi protocol announced that it had pushed through 200 million on-chain transactions.

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