These are the 5 most important news of the week

Another exciting week in crypto space is coming to an end. The most important events around Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. at a glance.

Solana: Blockchain integrates ChatGPT

After Solana announced a few months ago that it wanted to integrate CHatGPT into its ecosystem, a corresponding plugin has now been developed. With this, users can now “check their wallet balance, transfer tokens and buy NFTs”.

More information about the AI ​​feature at Solana can be found here: Solana blockchain integrates ChatGPT

Ripple: Is the SEC trial coming to an end soon?

In the SEC vs. Ripple case, a judgment could soon be made – at least that’s what Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse thinks. After US District Judge Analisa Torres ruled that the so-called “Hinman documents” should not be kept under wraps in the trial, Garlinghouse expects a judge’s verdict “in weeks, not months.”

You can read here why the “Hinman documents” are considered a decisive factor in the process: Ripple CEO predicts the end of the SEC proceedings soon

You can read all the background to the case that could change the crypto industry worldwide in this article: This case will decide the future of the crypto industry

Trezor T: Security company succeeds in hacking the hardware wallet

The hardware wallet providers can’t seem to step out of the limelight. After the fuss about a new Ledger feature, competition Trezor also made the headlines. The reason: Crypto security company Unciphered is said to have found a way to hack the Trezor T hardware wallet. in one Video demonstrates how the wallet could be compromised.

Everything else about Trezor T can be found in this post: Crypto security company hacks Trezor T hardware wallet

US election campaign: Republican Ron DeSantis makes waves

His candidacy is now official: Republican Ron DeSantis wants to be the next President of the United States. The controversial governor of Florida is now considered Trump 2.0, restricting abortion rights – quite the opposite of gun control. What the 44-year-old is still known for: his sympathy for Bitcoin and Co.

You can read here what a DeSantis government could mean for the crypto sector: Ron DeSantis wants to become president – ​​good for crypto, bad for the USA?

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Hong Kong: Crypto trading for private investors legal from June

A new regulation for digital assets is said to allow retail investors in the Asian SAR to trade in the largest cryptocurrencies. That comes from one Notice Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) May 23. The financial metropolis has set itself the goal of growing into a center in terms of crypto and Web3.

More details on regulation in Hong Kong can be found here: Hong Kong allows crypto trading for private investors

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