these bob cuts that bring instant volume to the hair

Halfway between short hair and long hair, the square cut is an ideal hairstyle tip to give the impression of having denser hair. We reveal the best square cuts to boost the volume of fine hair.

This summer 2023 again, the square cut is one of the trendiest haircuts of the moment. Thanks to its multiple variations, the square is also an ideal cut to give volume to fine hair, because the details of this cut readily adapt to the type of hair to correct a lack of density. But if the bob cut is one of the best cuts for boost hair volumeyou still have to choose yours well for it to have the desired effect.

Start by avoiding squares that are layered or tapered to the extreme. These lighten the hair too radically. By wanting to pull up your locks, you risk giving the impression of having even finer hair. And if you want bangs, we do not recommend thick ones because they would only emphasize the fineness of your hair. But above all, we advise you to adopt one of the 3 best bob cuts to give volume to thin hair that we present to you now.

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The bubble bob

This very trendy short bob for summer 2023 is very subtly plunging at the front thanks to a slight gradient focused on the back of the neck. The latter lightens the hair in the right place to restore swelling in the roots without impoverishing or thinning the front locks. To be styled preferably with a rounded blow-dry that will accentuate its volume-boosting effect thanks to its tips that curl inwards and hug the oval of the face, as well as with a parting on the side.

The very short square

Classic with its locks cut just below the ears, it is a full square cut which limits the weight of the lengths as much as possible to give fine suppleness to fine hair and restore volume at the roots. Elegant and timeless, it’s a square that you can easily embellish with a fringe or a lock if you want to hide your forehead or camouflage your wrinkles. It can be worn smooth, brushed or wavy according to your desires.

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The slob bob

This clever square is distinguished more by its very discreet tapering which frames the contours of the face and which subtly plays with extensions at the ends, than by its length strictly speaking. Indeed, it is willingly worn ultra short, short or long according to your desires. Its main characteristic being rather to keep a clean and full cut – although reworked by the targeted tapering – in order to keep the maximum thickness of the hair. For styling, the trend is rather for straight hair which gives back its classic look to the bob cut.

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