These iconic jeans from the 2000s are making a comeback this spring-summer (they’re ultra trendy)

You will shine brightly this summer! In spring 2024, jeans that were very trendy during the 2000s are coming back to the forefront for our greatest joy!

Attention glitter lovers! Rhinestone jeans is making a comeback in spring-summer 2024. A trend that comes straight from the 2000s and which instantly plunges us into the Hannah Montana and Britney Spears years, further proof that fashion is indeed an eternal beginning. Much more than just jeans, rhinestone jeans were the essential piece from the wardrobe of every fashionista worthy of the name.

But the glittery and exuberant trend gradually disappeared to give way to the minimalist trend, considered more elegant. It must be said that you should not expect to see rhinestone jeans on Kate Middleton. But if you want to dare to put glitter in your life, then don’t deprive yourself since rhinestones are more trendy than ever. In fact, rhinestone jeans have even appeared on the podium of the Loewe fashion show!

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Rhinestone jeans to shine brightly in spring 2024!

If rhinestone jeans are making a comeback in 2024, the designers have still modernized them. You will find them in different models of jeans, Flare pair, Mom cut, Straight cut… And recently we spotted sequinned jeans from the Gemo brand for less than 40 euros which promise you ultra glamorous looks. You will have understood, spring 2024 is the ideal time to dare to shine.

In addition to glittery jeans and rhinestone jeans, silver pants is also very trendy. But where we must be vigilant with this tendency is not to make mistakes in the associations. Indeed, anything that is rhinestone and sequin is immediately associated with an evening outfit. But rhinestone jeans are more of a daytime outfit item since normally, we don’t wear jeans in the evening.

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How to wear rhinestone jeans correctly?

So, to break the evening wear effect of rhinestone jeans, it is imperative to combine them with a casual piece. Just like Charlène from Monaco who recently gave us an excellent demonstration of the half-chic, half-casual look, we advise you to wear a casual top over rhinestone jeans, like a sweater or a simple t-shirt. The same goes for shoes. Better to combine rhinestone jeans with a pair of sneakers.

If you want to wear the rhinestone jeans for an evening outfit, then you can pair them with a pretty blazer and a pair of heels. But in this case, make sure that the number of rhinestones on the jeans is enough so that the jeans look more like silver pants than denim blue jeans with a few sequins.

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