These mistakes in preparation can weaken the effectiveness of ginger

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These mistakes in preparation can weaken the effectiveness of ginger

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Ginger root is deliciously hot and super healthy. But did you know that if you cook ginger incorrectly, you can weaken the health benefits?

Ginger strengthens the immune system, stimulates the metabolism and digestion, works against nausea and can inhibit inflammation in the body. So the tuber is a real miracle weapon for our health, especially in the dark season. As a tea, ginger is a popular home remedy, but it can also develop its effect as a highly concentrated shot (careful, spicy!) Or in smoothies. But be careful: There are a few things you should pay attention to during preparation so that the positive effect on health is not weakened.

Typical mistakes when preparing ginger

1. Cut ginger too early

As soon as ginger is cut, it quickly loses the positive benefits of the ingredients. So if you boil tea water, for example, you should cut the ginger just before you add it. So it’s better not to snip while the water is heating.

2. Peel the ginger

As with other foods, such as apples, most of the vitamins in ginger are located directly under the peel. Therefore, it is better not to peel the tuber before using it in a tea, smoothie or for seasoning. The best thing to do here is to buy organic quality so that you can eat the bowl without hesitation. And of course wash the ginger thoroughly before processing.

3. Pieces that are too large

The hot substances in ginger, such as gingerole and shogaole, develop primarily on freshly cut surfaces, which is why the root should not only be cut as soon as possible before use in tea, pot or smoothie – but also into the smallest possible pieces. If you use chunks that are too large, you are giving away some of the potential effects of ginger.

4. Let the ginger tea steep for too short or too long

Do you love ginger tea as a boost for your immune system? Then you should definitely pay attention to how long you let it steep. The optimal steeping time is five to ten minutes. If you remove the ginger pieces from the water beforehand, the hot substances cannot develop optimally in the water. If you let the tea steep longer, it will be spicier – how intense you like it is of course a matter of taste.

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