these mockups announce models slightly larger than the iPhone 14

New mock-ups of the four iPhone 15 models once again confirm that Apple will offer slightly larger smartphones this year than their predecessors. Indeed, by trying to dress them with an iPhone 14 protective shell, some are simply too large, while others do not correspond exactly to the dimensions.

Credits: Mac Otakara

It is slowly becoming clearer for the design of the iPhone 15. Indeed, the rumors about the next Apple flagships are following their usual course. In other words, after the publication of the first 3D renderings of the smartphones, other analysts took care of design models based on these. Mockups which therefore confirm certain information, in particular about the size of each model.

As a reminder, previous leaks have claimed that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro will each sport a 6.2-inch display, is slightly larger than that of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, which measures 6.1 inches. Mac Otakara therefore relied on this information to design his models, which he reveals in a video posted on YouTube.

Discover the first 3D models of the iPhone 15

This then tries to fit each smartphone into the shell of the corresponding iPhone 14. In fact, these obviously do not correspond to the size of the models. For the standard model, the shell is just too small and finds herself distorted once on the phone. If no problem is to be found on the iPhone 15 Plus, the Pro and Pro Max models are also biased by their size. Indeed, they fit well and truly into their hulls, but the volume buttons are no longer in the right location.

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Moreover, the models are faithful to the leaks already mentioned about the iPhone 15. There is in particular a USB-C port on each of the models, which replaces the traditional Lightning port. Mockups also feature prominent photo moduleslike what we already find on the iPhone 14, as well as smaller borders and more rounded tops.

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