these most effective antioxidants to fight wrinkles

Whether through the food we eat or through the skin, antioxidants are essential for our body, but also for our skin. They have miracle properties to fight against the damage that can cause certain aggressions for the skin like the sun or pollution for example. How do they work and what are the best antioxidants for our skin? We tell you everything!

A skincare routine should not be limited to the application of a moisturizing cream for the skin, it is essential to take care of it to limit the damage of time, but also the premature aging of our face as well as the appearance of wrinkles. For this we have many allies in our daily lives, starting with antioxidants! These molecules, which bring together vitamins, trace elements and micronutrients, are true friends for our skin. If we find these active ingredients mainly in food, you should know that many cosmetic brands use them in their skin care recipes.

When the skin is attacked, this can in some cases cause oxidation of the cells as well as inflammation of the epidermis which then leads to the appearance of pimples, but also wrinkles on the face. Antioxidants will then play a key role in combating this phenomenon and therefore protecting the skin from multiple and daily skin damage. But what are the best antioxidants to incorporate into a skincare routine? We tell you everything!

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The most effective antioxidants

In addition to fighting against oxidative stress, the primary source of skin aging, antioxidants and their anti-inflammatory reaction will also effectively protect against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays while helping to repair the visible damage caused. Another advantage and not the least, they are also particularly effective in lightening the complexion and therefore reducing the appearance of brown spots or depigmentation of the skin.

In the first position of the most powerful and effective antioxidants to take care of your skin, we find vitamin C. In addition to stimulating the formation of collagen, it will also reduce the production of melanin involved in the appearance of brown spots. Then we find niacinamide which helps to boost the tone of the skin and fight against acne breakouts and redness and vitamin E which has very good regenerative capacities for the skin. Vitamin E is also often one of the main ingredients in care for dry skin, for example. To complete this cocktail of antioxidants, we find retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, which in addition to accelerating the production of collagen like its big sister vitamin C, will stimulate the repair of cells in the epidermis.

All these active ingredients can be used either in your daily care, in ampoule for the face or consumed in your food.

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