these PCs will finally be able to download the OS thanks to this update

In a recent update, Microsoft decided to correct a recurring problem which prevented certain PCs from installing Windows 11… Even though they are compatible.

windows 11 pc installation
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We know that the transition between Windows 10 and Windows 11 did not really take place in the best conditions for users. The fault in particular is a recommended configuration which de facto excludes the oldest machines. For good reason, Microsoft’s latest OS absolutely requires the presence of a TPM chip on your PC. Casually, this hardware requirement has sidelined no less than 4 out of 10 users as explained by a study published in October 2022.

PCs deprived of Windows 11 for years

And icing on the cake, PCs that were compatible with Windows 11 were never able to benefit from the update due to a simple bug. Indeed, shortly after the launch of the operating system at the end of 2021, Intel and Microsoft discovered the presence of a compatibility issue between certain 11th generation Intel processors and the latest version of the OS. More specifically, the heart of the problem was with the Smart Sound driver, an audio driver required for using a laptop’s speakers or for connecting a microphone or headset to an audio jack 3.5mm.

To summarize, both companies found that “Black screens of death” regularly occurred after installing Windows 11. Fatally and to avoid an avalanche of complaints from affected users, Microsoft has decided to prevent migration to Windows 11 for these PCs until further notice.

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Microsoft finally provides a solution

And more than two years later, the Redmond firm finally brings a solution for these left-behind users. To summarize, the American company has published an update for this driver which finally unblocks the situation: “Once you have updated to a compatible version of the Intel Smart Sound Technology drivers, you should be able to upgrade to Windows 11″, writes Microsoft on its site dedicated to the latest build of Windows 11.

Once the last drive has been downloaded, the company explains that users may wait up to two days before seeing the option appear to migrate to Windows 11. Microsoft advises users to carefully follow these steps, first the drivers, then the OS. “We recommend that you do not attempt to upgrade manually using the “Update Now” button or the Media Creation Tool until you have performed the necessary driver updates,” advises the manufacturer.

Source: Microsoft via Windows Central

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