These trend jackets for autumn are now 43% cheaper

Bargain hunting can be tiring. Not with us! With our deals of the day we give you a simple and quick overview of which offers really bring a big discount today.

You know it: In shops, in online shops, on Instagram and Co. – brands and companies try to lure you with supposedly great offers everywhere. But which deal is really worth it at the end of the day? We scan the offers of the day for you every day – from Amazon to AboutYou to H&M, we don’t leave anything out – and tell you which deal and which discount is worth a look.

The best offers from September 24th

Bomber jacket

It is one of the trend jackets in autumn 2021: The bomber jacket is celebrating its comeback. If you want to treat yourself to one too, then you should be enthusiastic about the more than 40 percent discount today. The Urban Classics model relies on classic elements – such as the additional pocket on the upper arm. Find the deal here.

Denim jacket

When the temperatures get colder, it’s time for the denim jacket to make a grand entrance. As a transition jacket with trousers and sneakers, with a floral dress or with a casual jogger – a denim jacket always works! Find the deal here.

Reusable pet hair remover

Pets are such an asset! And yet there is usually one shortcoming: your hair just spreads everywhere. They are quickly sucked away on the floor – but you quickly have a problem on clothing, sofas and beds. This is why there is this effective pet hair remover, which works similar to a lint brush. Simply move quickly over the textiles and you can start a new cuddle action. Find the deal here.

Robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function

Do you often think to yourself: “I would much rather lie on the couch than do the housekeeping!” Then there is only one thing to do: the purchase of a vacuum robot that will also do the mopping for you. This saves you a lot of work and you can always shine with clean floors. Find the deal here.

Foot massager

Not only the neck and back sometimes seek relaxation in the form of a massage, but also the feet. With a Shiatsu foot massager with multi-level settings for at home, you will have relaxed feet in no time and with one 37% discount. Find the deal here.

Chanel wallet

Chanel is one of the most famous luxury brands in the world and its bags and clothing are always classics. With a wallet from the label you not only have a real eye-catcher, but also made a great investment with one 33% discount!Find the deal here.

Liebeskind wristwatch

Simple and elegant: The wristwatches from the Liebeskind Berlin brand enhance any outfit. The flat case is made of polished stainless steel and scratch-resistant glass. The high-quality leather strap is comfortable to wear. The watch is available in pink, rose gold and silver and with different straps. Find the deal here.

Hula hoop

The hula hoop is still very popular. After all, there is hardly an easier and more fun way to get your body in shape. Abdominal training has rarely been so much fun. Find the deal here.

Edited jeans

Do you want a new pair of black jeans, preferably a trendy model? Then grab it today and save a full 50% on this trendy model. Best of all: black goes with everything. Find the deal here.

Incredible offers from beauty and fashion

Teeth whitening cream

White teeth without going to the dentist? No problem with a natural tooth whitening cream with coconut and activated charcoal plus one 57% discount. Find the deal here.

Mousse make-up and resveratrol serum from Asambeauty

Young skin with the help of a resveratrol serum and extremely fine, but covering make-up? No problem with the Asambeauty beauty set. The mousse make-up is now a true classic and automatically adapts to every skin tone. You now get the set with one 34% discount! Find the deal here.

Oral-B Pro 2 2000 electric toothbrush

The Oral-B Pro 2 2000 electric toothbrush with visual pressure control for additional gum protection and two cleaning programs is currently available 38% cheaper. Find the deal here.

Dress by Edited

Autumn is just around the corner – time to adjust the wardrobe to the changing temperatures. It’s child’s play with this light blue dress from Edited. The light, airy dress turns into an autumnal eye-catcher without much effort. Find the deal here.

Vitamin A drops

Serums, creams, toners, we use various products for our skin so that it looks more beautiful, plumper and generally better. With vitamin A drops you work from the inside out and not only ensure beautiful skin, but also improved eyesight and a strong immune system. A maximum of 3 drops per day are allowed. Now save 57% when you buy the drops. Find the deal here.

Incredible offers from household and kitchen

Waffle maker

The waffle iron from Cloer enables low-fat baking thanks to the non-stick coating. You can choose the degree of browning to suit your taste using the dial. Bon Appetit! Find the deal here.

WMF saucepan set

The WMF saucepan set is suitable for every common type of stove, can also be put in the dishwasher and oven and is also uncoated and rust-free. At the moment you save 52% on the purchase of the set! Find the deal here.

Russell Hobbs kettle

Your kettle has been giving up the ghost for so long? No problem, because with this kettle with the energy class A +++ you save electricity and thanks to the quick boiling function you have super quick boiling water, the old kettle is quickly forgotten. Find the deal here.

WMF cutlery set

The 30-piece Atria cutlery set from WMF is suitable for 6 people and, with its polished stainless steel, is an absolute classic that will last for a long time. Currently there are 41% discount on the product. Find the deal here.

Tefal pan by Jamie Oliver

It is and will remain a bestseller and loved by amateur chefs and professionals alike: the Jamie Oliver pan from the Tefal brand. With the non-stick coating, which can even withstand metal spatulas and whisks, and an integrated heat indicator, cooking is simply more fun. And less complicated anyway. The 28-centimeter frying pan is regularly on offer – but one Discount of more than 50% there are seldom. So you should be quick. Find the deal here.

Incredible leisure and technology offers

Bestselling yoga mat

Hardly a day goes by in your life without yoga, gymnastics or general relaxation? Are you just missing some nice equipment? Then take advantage of this offer today, because the bestselling yoga mat is 45% off. Find the deal here.

AirPods and AirPods Pro

If you are into sonorous listening pleasure and Apple products, you have two direct options today to visibly save money. Both the AirPods and the AirPods Pro come with 29 percent discount each to obtain. What remains the same, of course, is the quality and intuitive handling of the headphones, which are valued by music lovers as well as podcast and audio book listeners.

While the AirPods come with a wired charging case, the AirPods Pro can be charged using a wireless case. In addition, the AirPods Pro have noise suppression. here go to the AirPods and here to the AirPods Pro.

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