Thésée: the online complaint mechanism enters the beta phase

It will have taken time, but the Ministry of the Interior is finally advancing a date for the launch of the Thésée platform. From March 15, it will be open to the public in beta version.

The Thésée project (for “Harmonized processing of investigations and reports for e-frauds”) aims to offer an online complaint filing service without having to go to the police station or the gendarmerie.

In the experimental phase since last October

This service will make it possible to file a complaint in the context of several defined scams and scams: “hacking of electronic and instant messaging, online blackmail, ransomware, romance scam or “romance scam”, classified ad scam and fraud linked to websites of sales”.

The press service indicates that this platform has already been in the experimental phase since October 21, 2021 and that it will be supervised in particular by a team of 17 police officers and gendarmes who will be responsible for validating complaints and the first acts of investigation.

The announcement of the launch came last week in the press release announcing the launch of the “My security” application by the Ministry of the Interior. It is not known how long this beta version of the platform will last, but the Ministry of the Interior explains that the changes made to the services should not concern elements accessible to the public, but rather elements affecting the back office of the service. . Thésée will not be directly available on the application, but it will be able to refer to the online complaint platform if necessary.

five years of waiting

Since its announcement in 2017, the Thésée project has been long overdue. The latest news of the project followed the publication of the official decree authorizing the establishment of the platform in July 2020.

The President of the Republic had also mentioned the Thésée project during his closing speech at the Beauvau de la sécurité in September 2021. But until then, no precise launch date had been put forward.

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