They hear a disturbing noise coming from their ceiling but are not ready for what is about to fall

Hearing suspicious noises in the ceiling of their house, a family from Malaysia decided to bring in a specialized company. They probably did very well as the discovery of what was in their ceiling was surprising.

If the walls of a house can sometimes crack letting out a noise, for this family from Malaysia, the noise was much more suspicious and above all very frequent. Knowing that there must be something in their ceiling, family members made the decision to bring in a specialized company. And they made the right decision. Indeed, as reported by New York Postwho spotted a video shared on social networks by the company’s agents, they came face to face with three pythons. Only, as they tried to extract them, the ceiling collapsed and so the snakes fell into the house.

Very surprised, the agents cried out in amazement, while the three snakes were intertwined. The beasts are very impressive but would however not weigh very heavy, if we compare it to the snake that was captured in the same country in 2016. Indeed, it was more than eight meters and weighed 250 kilos. But since he was dead when discovered, he could not be counted for the record books.

The family lived with three snakes above their heads

Regarding the family that lived with three snakes above their heads, she had to redo her ceiling. Only, it was better that the beasts fall on their heads. Moreover, on social networks, many Internet users have assured that they would have simply moved after this discovery. They would be too afraid that other snakes were hidden in the ceiling.

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