“They hurt us”: the strong words of Jade and Joy on their broken relationship with David Hallyday and Laura Smet: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Wounds that may never completely heal. Jade and Joy, Johnny Hallyday’s two youngest daughters, whom he adopted with Laeticia Hallyday in November 2004 and December 2008, decided to open their hearts to the press. In an interview with Paris Match, published in full Thursday December 7, 2023, they confided in the difficult times they experienced six years ago, when their father died. This is not the only interview they have given, since the daughters of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday will be at Seven to Eight this Sunday, December 10. They will answer questions from Audrey Crespo-Mara as part of the Portrait of the week. Now aged 19 and 15, they were able to take a step back from these events, and visibly felt ready to lift the veil on this period… And in particular on the pain caused by family attacks around the paternal heritage. “In Saint-Barth [où Johnny Hallyday est enterré]David and Laura had made us great promises, assuring us that they would always be there, that we could count on them, that we would see each other often”, Jade began. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out like this: “We never heard from them directly again”she said.

The wounds of family separation

For her part, Joy Hallyday felt this separation as “a betrayal”and expressed his disappointment: “We have the same name, the same father, but nothing in common in the end. How can we behave like this when we’re supposed to be part of the same family? Even though I have moved on, I will never forget what they did to us.”. The two sisters took the accusations made by their elders all the more badly: “There are all these stories they told about us, all their lies about our mother, pretending she was stopping them from seeing daddy, while on the contrary, she tried so hard to rebuild and bring together this already somewhat torn family.”revealed Jade to Paris Matchadding that even trying “to stop thinking about it”She “can never forgive them.” “They hurt us.” Jade and Joy reveal that their relationships with David and Laura were already limited, before the discord linked to the succession of their father Johnny Hallyday, due to the age difference and geographical distance, emphasizing that even attempts to Laura Smet to play her role as a big sister would have been fleeting.

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