“They must realize …”: affected by cancer and Covid, Guillaume Durand calls out anti-vaccines on the situation of hospitals and patients

Guillaume Durand has had a trying 2021 year. After having to recover from jaw cancer, he suffered from Covid-19 contamination. The 69-year-old facilitator explains the importance of vaccination in maintaining his health. And it is aimed at antivax.

La Cinq, France 2, TF1, Canal +, Paris Première and radio stations, including TF1 or more recently Radio Classique … Behind his forty years of work in the media, Guillaume Durand demonstrated his talent as an animator in the biggest houses. He is a known and recognized face of the French audiovisual landscape. But in private, he faced other ups and downs. Sometimes terrible, like this jaw cancer that he has revealed in detail in recent days to our colleagues from the newspaper Le Parisien. The almost septuagenarian had to undergo a heavy and very traumatic operation which lasted no less than nine hours. Height of the misfortune, he was then contaminated by the Covid-19. Fortunately, this was not too serious a form.

Guillaume Durand has come back from afar and points to the enormous concern for clinics and hospitals

Today, his state of health no longer inspires concern and he can hope for happier moments. But it is still upset that he appeared this Monday, January 10, facing Bruce Toussaint, on the antenna of BFMTV. And for the occasion, he wished to deliver a strong message of prevention, in an explosive context around the subject of vaccination. “When I was operated on, imagine for a second that my operation was canceled due to the massive Covid crisis, it is unlikely that I would be facing you today”, he whispered to his colleague. He pursues : “In general, very serious operations are not deprogrammed, as far as possible. I was operated on in a cardiological clinic, because my operation required cardiological protection. It is a clinic which, when the The Nation’s problem is the Covid, is transformed into a clinic which itself welcomes Covid patients on a massive scale “.

“Fortunately, double vaccination before cancer …”

Aware of the enormous organizational problem for caregivers generated by massive contamination, Guillaume Durand decides: “It’s either one or the other. There is a porosity which is difficult because it is dangerous to carry out serious operations in a context where there are a lot of people who are affected by the Covid”. He continues on the importance of vaccination: “It turns out that when I was momentarily finished with cancer, I went out and had the Covid. Double punishment. But fortunately, double vaccination before the cancer, because if I had accumulated a serious cancer with a complicated covid, it would be unlikely that I would be chatting with you this Monday morning “. Then to conclude, at the address of antivax: “People demonstrating in the streets must realize the complexity of the situation, for the staff and everything that is the structure of the hospital and clinics.“.

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