This astrological sign will find the love of his life during the Autumn Equinox (he is delighted)

An astrological sign will find the love of his life during the Autumn Equinox on September 23, 2023. Luck smiles on him!

The end of September is notably marked by theAutumn Equinox which takes place from September 23, 2023. This event marks the entry into a new season but also the transition to another anniversary season: that of Libra. This is an important milestone in the calendar. “With the autumn equinox, a new and long parenthesis opens again with the cardinal – and therefore initiatory – sign of Libra”, says Annalisa Angelucci, astrologer for aufeminin. A sign will benefit from this event to heal from a past wound and will take revenge on life. Another might finally find the love of his life.

This is the double sign of Gemini. This air sign will benefit from the Equinox and the transition to Libra season. “During the month, the possibilities for meetings, passions and flirtations are concrete and probably increase with the autumn equinox on the 23rd which officially opens the love season which, already with the Full Moon on the 29th, can lead to the ‘want to make some dreams come true’, adds the astrologer. Gemini must take advantage of this period to regain self-confidence: everything is smiling on him. He who quickly tires of people in general, who has difficulty finding the right fit because he is so dynamic and demanding, could well let down his guard and allow himself to be seduced by a person who makes him want to build a real relationship.

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Astrological signs impacted by the Autumn Equinox

This event is not going to impact only Gemini. Indeed, it impacts almost everyone. This is obviously the case for Libra because the sun arrives in its sign: “The day of the equinox, which marks the start of your birthday season, is conducive to romantic encounters and passionate dates, and this atmosphere lasts until the end of the month,” notes the astrologer. Aquarius, another air sign, also benefits from this event and gets a makeover: “The autumn equinox in Libra offers you an excellent opportunity to (re)start: the difficulties of the past seem truly overcome and, above all, an inspiring goal, as encouraging as it is adventurous, suddenly seems achievable.”

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