This big physical problem almost cut short the adventure of a candidate

Participating in Koh Lanta is always a big challenge. Psychologically prepared to live in difficult conditions, the candidates of the reality TV program do not necessarily know their physical limits, some even discovering weaknesses during filming. This is the case of one of the candidates who almost left the adventure because of an unexpected health problem.

This Tuesday, April 16, viewers were able to discover a new issue of Koh Lanta, the immunity hunters in prime time on TF1. The reality TV program took an important turn following the reunification which took place last week, leading to the elimination of Ricky. According to certain candidates, he himself asked, off camera, the red team to eliminate him because he did not want to go to the black ball. Since then, Ricky has however denied this information to our colleagues at Purepeople but it remains unverifiable since his remarks were not filmed.

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If the unfilmed parts of Koh Lanta are often a source of persistent rumors, impossible to verify in fact, they sometimes contain important information about the candidates. In some cases, only a few snippets of scenes are broadcast and we do not necessarily understand the why and how of very specific situations. This is precisely what happened to Jean, one of the candidates of Koh Lanta, the immunity huntersfollowing a physical problem he encountered during filming.

Unsuspected difficulties in everyday life

Often affected by the harsh survival conditions required by the show, which range from difficult sporting events to lack of food, the candidates do not always realize what awaits them when they decide to participate in the adventure… I arrived confident. But, on site, we quickly find ourselves faced with unexpected situations. The sun, the cold, the lack of comfort… We do not understand the dangers that await us Jean told Télé 7 jours.

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And in fact, he could not anticipate the health problem that literally fell on him in the middle of filming. A problem that viewers were quickly able to see during the first episode of the show broadcast on February 13. Jean then appears with a bandage over his eyes, the cause of which remains unclear…

A health problem which could have forced him to leave the adventure

Jean was in fact the victim of a violent inflammation of the cornea, also called photokeratitis. It is caused by too intense exposure to sunlight, as when we look at a solar eclipse with the naked eye for example. But in some people, more sensitive than others, simple reflections of the sun on the water are enough to cause this eye inflammation. Unaware that he was more sensitive than average, and undoubtedly weakened by fatigue, Jean therefore had a real sunburn on his eye, hence his bandage which we see in the first episode of Koh Lanta, the immunity hunters.

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Even if it doesn’t show when watching the show, Jean has “very bad” experienced the situation and his eye injury, as he declared to our colleagues from Télé 7 jours. “In the image, it seems very short, but before I called the doctor, I suffered a whole day and part of the night. I worried. I was afraid that my adventure would end Fortunately, that retinal sunburn eventually healed.“he explained.

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