This Bluetooth speaker is perfectly suited to your Ikea furniture

Danish manufacturer Tangent has unveiled a Bluetooth speaker perfectly suited to Kallax shelves from Ikea.

The Tangent Spectrum Square speaker in an Ikea piece of furniture // Source: Tangent

It is a strange enclosure which was spotted by our colleagues from Digital. The Danish manufacturer Tangent has in fact designed a wireless speaker perfectly suited to an emblematic piece of Ikea furniture, the Kallax shelf.

Indeed, the Tangent Spectrum Square measures precisely 33 x 33 x 20 cm, or just the dimensions of the square blocks integrated into the Ikea shelf which made the heyday of the Swedish furniture brand. Finally, only its depth of 20 cm deviates from the standard of the Kallax, but will still allow the speaker to be positioned at the front or back of the shelf, behind decorative trinkets. A sound object as much as decoration, the speaker is also equipped with interchangeable acoustic fabric grilles with seven shades: orange, black, gray, blue, red, pink or white.

A speaker that has no reason to be ashamed of its audio characteristics

Apart from its format calibrated for Ikea furniture, the speaker is designed with a stereo architecture including two 19mm silk dome tweeters for the treble and two 110mm drivers for the rest of the frequencies. We will also find bass reflex vents to accentuate the bass rendering. Enough to ensure, according to Tangent, a frequency response of 55 to 22,000 Hz and a total power of 100 W maximum.

The Tangent Spectrum Square speaker in an Ikea piece of furniture
The Tangent Spectrum Square speaker in an Ikea piece of furniture // Source: Tangent

In terms of connectivity, when it comes to wireless speakers, you have to count on Bluetooth 5.0 support with the possibility of pairing two speakers to create a stereo system with a wider soundstage. However, the speaker does not have Wi-Fi connectivity and will therefore not allow wireless transmission without compression. However, it is equipped with a mini-jack connection to connect a smartphone, a vinyl turntable or a wired hi-fi system.

Tangeant’s Spectrum Square speaker is available for pre-order at a price of 249 euros with first deliveries scheduled for the very beginning of 2024.

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