this bread sold in the supermarket should not be eaten

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The Leclerc stores are in turmoil… two batches of their traditional baguettes are unfit for consumption!

New consumer alert! The government website Drink reminder put online this Monday, March 27 a product that absolutely must not be consumed. These are the traditional chopsticks x1 and 3+1 offered, marketed in Leclerc brands in Francesold on 03/21/2023, and whose lot numbers are 3289660008008 and 3289668004309. As highlighted by Drink reminderthe reason for recalling this product is none other than the precautionary principle because of the risk of injury due to the possible presence of a foreign body in these rods such as glass, metal, plastic, paper, or textile. Moreover, for all the people who have purchased this product, the government instructions are clear: Do not or no longer consume and return the product to the point of sale. The number 02 35 10 98 50 has been set up to contact the brand’s consumer service, which has indicated that the end of the recall procedure for Leclerc tradition baguettes is set for Saturday April 15, 2023.

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In case of poisoning

What to do in case of poisoning? Obviously stop all consumption of the product likely to have been the poisoning trigger. It is also possible to contact a poison control center in case of severe symptoms. As indicated by Allodoctors.frthese medical services are located in 8 French university hospitals, with a expertise in toxicology medical (see the list HERE). You can also join at any time the Emergency numbers : the fire brigade by dialing 18, the SAMU by calling 15, the police by dialing 17, SOS Médecins by dialing 3624 and finally the Emergencies by dialing 112.

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