This discreet change to Google Drive will do some good for your administrative paperwork

The Scanner function of Google Drive improves its user experience to more comfortably scan your documents and facilitate the processing of administrative paperwork.

The scanner function of Google Drive // ​​Source: Frandroid

Google Drive is making some changes to its interface, notably rethinking the function allowing you to scan a document. So, by opening the application on your smartphone, you will see the list of your files saved on your account, but also two buttons at the bottom right.

The tablet “ + New » allows you to add an item in Drive and it just changes appearance, the functions remain the same. On the other hand, the other button appears under a camera icon and serves as a shortcut to the Scanner function allowing you to scan a physical document with the phone.

Source: Frandroid

Automatic capture for Drive scanner

By pressing said shortcut, you will not switch to the classic camera screen of your smartphone. Instead, you will be treated to an interface marked “Google Drive ” on top. We especially note the two options at the bottom: “Manual” And “Automatic capture“.

Source: Frandroid

We recommend that you use automatic capture which is quite effective for accurately scanning your document. Smartphone solutions for performing scans like this often need some adjustmentsa posteriorito get a clean result. However, by allowing a few seconds for this automatic capture of Drive, I was always entitled to efficient scanning during my few tests.

Source: Frandroid

Please note, the processing time is more or less long depending on the situation. The most impatient people can always switch to manual mode and trigger the capture.

A refreshed design

If by any chance you don’t like the result of the scan, you will be entitled to a few buttons in the next step, presented in a style worthy of Material You. There is in particular the option “Crop and rotate“. The keys “Filter“, “Try again” And “DELETE» are also offered to you. Finally, an empty page icon with a + in the middle, below the preview, allows you to add a page to your scan.

Source: Frandroid

Otherwise, tap “OK» at the top right to be directed to the save menu where you will indicate the name of the file and its save folder.

9to5Googleindicates that this small change to Google Drive appears in version 2.23.457.1 of the application for Android. We will therefore especially remember the very practical automatic capture function so as not to waste time adjusting the scans and go faster in processing administrative paperwork.

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