this “formidable” method adopted by Carla Bruni to gently understand hormonal changes

Do you know the secret method of Carla Bruni and Estelle Lefébure to gently deal with the hormonal changes linked to menopause? We tell you everything.

Carla Bruni and Estelle Lefébure have one thing in common: their management of menopause. Respectively aged 56 and 57, the two women suffered the first effects of menopause at the same time. And like many other women before them, they sought help and solutions to deal with this hormonal upheaval as gently as possible. And both beautiful women found help in sports.

But not just any sport. Indeed, Carla Bruni and Estelle Lefébure are both clients of Celine Roy. A Pilates teacher who offers a course based on breathing and “tonification” of the abdomen in order to continue sculpting the body. And the two women have already confided in the past about this sporting practice “tremendous”.

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Carla Bruni fan of this method

“I discovered Céline’s method thanks to one of my dearest friends, the stylist Johanna Fath, she was the one who contacted Céline and took me to my first class”, explains Carla Bruni on the course website. And on March 15, the former First Lady’s secrets were revealed in Elsa Wolinski’s podcast. Indeed, in this podcast, Carla Bruni did not fail to praise the merits of this Pilates class.

“It’s not only toning the abdomen, but also bodybuilding or pilates, his method relieves stress”, explains Carla Bruni. Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife adds: “This breathing she has while using the somewhat elongation of the stomach, the fact of keeping the arch, that changes absolutely everything […]. I do a little breathing every day.”

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A method also adopted by Estelle Lefébure

In the past, Estelle Lefébure had also indicated that she was taking classes with Céline Roy. In fact, the pretty blonde spoke on her Instagram account but also in the columns of Marie Clairelast November. “I still have the same passion for riding, but over time I adjusted the rest. Instead of running, I do Pilates with the Céline Roy method. It emphasizes breathing, essential in a time when everyone seems live in apnea”, confided the French model and actress.

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The breathing exercises proposed by Céline Roy therefore seem to help Estelle Lefébure and Carla Bruni to find a kind of serenity and appeasement but also to maintain their healthy weight. A solution which is therefore ideal during menopause where hormonal upheaval can not only cause women to gain weight but also have an impact on emotions and anxiety.

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