This Google AI is able to compose the music you ask it to

Robin Lamorlette

January 30, 2023 at 1:15 p.m.


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After generating images using SLAB or Midjourney, Google presents MusicLM, an AI capable of composing music from text.

Still in the state of research and for the time being inaccessible to the public, this new tool already presents results that are very (too?) convincing to say the least.

AI maestro, Music(LM)!

This is of course not a revolution in the field. Other music generator projects already exist, such as AudioLM, also from Google, or Jukebox by OpenAI. However, MusicLM stands out from its peers thanks in particular to a vast database currently containing 280,000 hours of music.

The tool also turns out to be much better equipped to translate into sound concepts that were previously difficult to transcribe from a text format to an audio format. It is thus possible to listen to a few excerpts on the Google Research page dedicated to MusicLM, cited in the source below. Among the samples presented, we have for example the translation into music of a description with words such as ” from another world ” Where ” a feeling of wonder “.

With this ability and that of skillfully mixing various instruments and genres, this new AI from Google is already quite talented, despite several obvious flaws. And it is only in its infancy!

AI, the future scourge of all artists?

As a research project, MusicLM is not available to the public, partly for copyright reasons. The question has not yet been legislated, constituting a legal vacuum for the moment.

This concern, however, has not prevented image-generating AIs from becoming widely popular, much to the chagrin of artist communities. Some have gone so far as to market works whose illustrations have been entirely designed by such tools. It is not known whether or not such a decision will have consequences later.

Musicians have in any case already welcomed artificial intelligence with open arms in the field, such as Holly Herndon. The artist has thus developed Holly+, an AI reproducing his voice, with his latest album entirely interpreted by his virtual avatar. In this field as in so many others, the evolution of tools powered by artificial intelligence is therefore dividing communities and tech giants.

Source : MusicLM

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