This grandmother’s first name, very popular in the 1910s, will be one of the most given in 2024

Among the first names most given to children in 2024, a feminine name stands out: it is a pretty old first name, very popular in the 1910s. It should appeal to many parents!

Are old names coming back into fashion? This is what seems to reveal The Official First Names 2024, which lists, among the most trendy names of the year, several completely outdated names! Indeed, after this old queen’s first name, this original first name taken from the Old Testament and this romantic and retro first name, another first name that we thought out of fashion should come back strong this year.

This is the first name Madeleine ! Yes, yes, you read that right. This grandmother’s name (or even great-grandmother’s name for some) is enjoying a second lease of life in France. Very popular from the 1900s (7th most given female first name), it was especially successful in the 1910s (3rd most given female first name) and 1920 (4th most given female first name).

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Where does the first name Madeleine come from?

This French and English first name, which is now one of the top 300 most popular female first names in France, means “high tower” in Greek. It could also find its origins in the first name “Magdalênê” which meant “Mary of Magdala” (city of Galilee). Better known as Saint Mary Magdalene, present in the New Testament, she was a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth, whom she followed until his death.

Although it has existed for longer, the first name Madeleine was popularized in the 18th century by a Lorraine servant, Madeleine Paulmier. On the occasion of Duke Leszczynski’s visit, she made shell shaped egg cupcakes. These cakes, which caused a sensation, took his name and still remain very popular around the world today.

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What is the character of the Madeleines?

Madeleine is characterized by discovery, daring, energy, originality and resolution. Women with this name are generally very sociable : they adapt easily and greatly appreciate contact with others. Very mature, realistic, determined and conscientious, they know that you have to work hard to succeed. They demonstrate optimism, independence and self-control, know how to manage difficult situations and always manage to bounce back from challenges. Slightly introverted, the Madeleines also know how to keep a part of mystery…

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